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Association Leadership Academy session on High Performing Secretariats

June 2018 - Focussing on our report on Sucess Factors for High Performing Secretariats, Mark Dober and Rachel Barlow led a session at Press Club in ...more

Written by Dr Rachel Barlow

How to Unconfirm Your Unconscious Bias

An unconscious bias is simply a bias that is outside your control. It manifests itself when your brain makes a quick judgement about people or ...more

Written by Gavin Ellwood

The Latest in EU Trade Policy for Trade Associations

18 October 2018: The Association Leadership Academy is organising a unique session for Brussels associations on a topic that has grown in importance ...more

Written by Dr Rachel Barlow

High Performance Secretariats

A high performance secretariat is like a football team – if they don’t play together they cannot win....more

Written by Mark Dober

Global Public Affairs – 10 Tips for Brexit

In all my experience of working with public affairs experts, I don’t recall very many people with as much global experience as Stephen Crisp. I ...more

How to recruit, create and retain a High Performing Association Secretariat.

The session content will be based on the findings of a new survey and the expert input of selected association leaders who will comment on the ...more

Report on “Association performance and employment law compliance” Claeys & Engels – March 2018

This report must be read in conjunction with these slides; Association performance and employment law compliance. Sophie Maes and Annabelle ...more

Written by Dr Rachel Barlow

Summary: Brexit through the Looking Glass: focus on highly impacted business sectors – May 2018

The Association Leadership Academy’s fourth session on Brexit. We intend to now move beyond the phase of assessing the situation to providing the ...more

Written by Dr Rachel Barlow

The WWF seeks a new Director for the European Policy Office

We have been entrusted with finding the new Director of the WWF European Policy Office, in Brussels. This relatively young international ...more

Brussels, The USA and Jiu-Jitsu – Mark speaks with the PAC

Mark Dober caught up with Public Affairs Council (PAC) in a very snowy Washington DC to discuss the new European Corporate Affairs Remuneration Report...more

Ellwood Atfield seeks a Director for the WWF European Policy Office

The WWF Mission: WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in ...more

“The General Data Protection Regulation for associations: the challenge of compliance”

FEBRUARY 2018: Report of the Association Leadership Academy session on “The General Data Protection Regulation for associations: the challenge of ...more

Written by Dr Rachel Barlow

European Corporate Affairs Remuneration Report

Hot on the heels of our European Association Remuneration study, this new report is dedicated to the thousands of people who work in EU...more

Written by Mark Dober

The Risk To Business From External Campaigns

We looked specifically at the risk to businesses from external campaigns and how these can be addressed....more

Written by

Upcoming Association Leadership Academy Sessions

The Latest in EU Trade Policy for Trade Associations - October 2018 Why attend? Whether the industry that you represent has been affected directly, ...more

Event: EU update 2018 – Juncker’s last chance to deliver

December 2017: Report of Association Leadership Academy session led by Richard Steel of Interel –“Juncker’s Last Chance to Deliver” ...more

Lord Chadlington in conversation with Lord Bell

Last month I became Senior Warden of the Company of Public Relations Practitioners; a membership organisation, part of the City of London’s livery ...more

Written by Gavin Ellwood

To communicate or not to communicate

October 2017: The role of communications and media relations in EU association advocacy and driving industry growth....more