Anna Head Shot

Anna Kasuya

Finance Manager

Anna joined Ellwood Atfield as an interim finance assistant in the summer of 2014. At that point, she had just arrived from New Zealand, where she worked for a busy chartered accountancy firm, gaining extensive experience in the management accounts for various international businesses.

Anna came on board to help us with a number of projects in our busy finance department, including updating our new Xero accounting system (she is a certified advisor) and helping with other never-ending daily financial activities.

Anna did such a good job for us that we decided to make her a Finance Manager and now she manages all of our payments, invoicing, payroll, and much more.

Anna holds a MA in Social and Cultural Science and a Certificate in Commerce. She speaks English, Polish and German.

Anna is a movie addict and traveller. The big dream is to do a road trip on Route 66.