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We strive to capture the entire spectrum of association related knowledge and know-how.

Because we believe that more diversity leads to a more satisfying and durable learning experience, we seek to include all professionals who work in or for such complex organisations.

We develop our own original research material through surveys and interviews.

The research devised and undertaken under the auspices of Ellwood Atfield provides quality content bases for further training development. We constantly inquire of our audience, test and update established practice, identify and highlight innovative initiatives with a drive to engage and enthuse.

We share it all with you.

This website is updated on a monthly basis with the presentation of our respective expert speakers. Of great value is the summary report of each session. Those who cannot attend access these presentations and reports for professional use and reference.

“The Academy has proven itself as an institute that raises the standard of the Brussels Association community.”- Dr. Ronald de Bruin, Director of COST Association, November 2016.

In 2015, the Academy sessions covered the gamut of skills required to successfully manage associations: public affairs; legal compliance for employment; trade and competition law; fiscal compliance; strategic planning; and communications.

In 2016, the Academy reacted to feedback from this association community, and widened the learning opportunity to transition into “debating” and “doing” with information debates and workshops.

In 2017 The Association Leadership Academy was chosen as finalist for the European Association Awards, Training category.

The Academy offers the highest quality of association specific interactive tuition. Our session leaders advise or practice in the wider association and NGO community on a daily basis. Our pertinent material is case study and/or survey based making for a unique, valuable and focused learning experience.

Founding content partners of the Academy are the European Centre for Public Affairs, KPMG, Claeys & Engels, Wilmer Hale, Field Fisher and Kellen. Ellwood Atfield will invite additional content partners to join the Academy as the curriculum develops.


To find out more, please contact Dr. Rachel Barlow on academy@ellwoodatfield.com  or 00 32 478 88 22 27.

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