1. Expertise in Breadth

We recruit the entire communications team. Together we build and shape the best teams because out experts understand every role in the entire function.

2. Expertise in Depth

We help you hire the most senior people in your communications and advocacy team, and everyone who reports to them (full time and interim contractors).

3. Expertise across the board

We have deep market knowledge of different organisations in various sectors. Because the best person, who can bring a freshness and disrupt the day to day, may well be working somewhere else.

4. Expertise in your organisation

We know different types of organisations can have their own very specific requirements.

Partnership based on transparency

Today, the organisations we work with have more choices of how to recruit than ever before. Well resourced and sophisticated talent acquisition strategies are increasingly the norm. When it comes to choosing an external recruitment partner, getting the right balance between cost of hire, process and outcome can be a bit tricky.


We don't pay lip service to diversity, we practice it. When you retain our services or work with us exclusively, your search is conducted using our unique EA Diversity Methodology. Developed by Tom Ewen, one of our directors, it ensures diversity is right at the centre of the search, not an afterthought. A search conducted with our Diversity Methodology provides you with clear evidence of intent, benchmarking you against your peers.


All organisations strive to give our employees, stakeholders and clients a great experience. So why do those people looking to join our organisations often have such a poor one? At Ellwood Atfield, we believe that applications from junior staff should receive the exact same service as applications from directors - thorough, professional, and personal. When you partner with us, our team will ensure that everyone applying to join your organisation will experience the highest quality of service.


It has been said that agreeing fees with headhunters can feel like the haggling scene in Monty Python's Life of Brian. Not with Ellwood Atfield. Our transparent process means the price of conducting your search won't be based on haggling over percentages. Instead, we will establish together how difficult the assignment is, the timescales involved, and which members of our team you want to work with. It results in the right price, which is often considerably less than our competitors.

We can recruit your entire
Communications and Advocacy team

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