Even leaders sometimes need a little extra help. That’s why we have put together a panel of seasoned coaching experts, who each understand how lonely and challenging the top communications jobs and wider Board-level leadership roles can be.

They are here to advise and help with developmental challenges, as well as how to increase your effectiveness and capabilities as a leader. Perhaps you need help with stepping into a Board-level role, or maybe you are going for a challenging promotion or trying to navigate the complexities of dealing with hostile stakeholders. Everyone on our panel has deep roots in the communications industry and is a qualified expert in their chosen area.


Using many of the same principles as coaching to support learning and development, a professional mentor is both counsellor and partner to an individual. Sitting alongside them in the identification and completion of an agreed course, the mentor offers insights gained from practical experience in the role itself. Additionally, they can provide actionable advice in executing strategies that address short-term issues and longer-term goals, both professional and personal.

More broadly, the mentor can open network connections to stimulate wider thinking as well as acting as a sounding board.  They offer information, advice and assistance in a collaborative relationship that empowers an individual to make and embed the changes they need to achieve the progress and growth they desire. This can range from guidance on addressing functional capability gaps, to working cross-culturally and creating impact across an organisation, to support in role transitions and succession, or simply to help an individual through a challenging time.


To find out more, you can contact the coaches directly, or Jules Shelley for a confidential chat at