Irina Head Shot

Irina Michalowitz

Executive Coach & Trainer

Irina Michalowitz, a German national, is a systemic coach and founder of IMConsult, a consultancy focused on training, coaching and consulting in the area of Public Affairs.

Irina has held a “Systemic Business Coach“ certificate since 2013 and specialised in “Stress and Resilience” in 2016 (both Kickoff Management GmbH, Vienna).

Her coaching concentrates on career development and leadership skills. She has over 18 years of experience in leading Public Affairs positions. After obtaining her PhD on EU lobbying strategies, she first worked as Assistant Professor for the Viennese Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS), then helped build the European Platform of Women in Science (EPWS) in Brussels. She was Head of the EU representation of Telekom Austria Group and led the International & EU Affairs team for Austrian Federal Railways.

Since 2015, she has been independent, sharing her time between coaching and training and serving as Managing Partner to the consultancy Pantarhei Corporate Advisors Europe.