Stewart Head Shot

Stewart Prosser

Corporate Affairs & Corporate Communications Mentor

Stewart Prosser provides personal mentoring to both established and newly-appointed functional leads in Corporate Communications and Corporate Affairs.

He has over 30 years of Corporate Affairs and Corporate Communications experience: 20 leading functions for blue chip, global brands including Lehman Brothers, JPMorgan Chase, AXA and Royal Bank of Scotland; and 11 years as director of Prosser Associates, where he offers advisory, strategic and practical support to executive teams and communications heads, in a variety of sectors.

Stewart’s wide range of practical experience in-house helps to quickly identify and then support the right mix of leadership and behavioural skills. This incorporates practical and effective ways of engaging with other critical partner functions and integrating activities across geographical borders and corporate silos.

He is very happy to discuss his approach with new directors or heads of Corporate Communications and Corporate Affairs or those who are looking to grow their personal and functional impact.