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Fiona Wilkinson

Fiona is a coach and mentor with a skill set stemming from extensive pan-European business experience and team leadership. Having benefitted from the transformative impact of skilled coaching, she has trained and practised a coaching style throughout her career.

A safe, non-judgmental space, accompanied by attentive listening and insightful questions, building relationships based on trust, accompanied by thorough business understanding, allows her to challenge and, when applicable, offer insights that make for powerful, effective and practical coaching outcomes. Combining coaching skills with insight from bioenergetics helps individuals analyse the root causes of the interpersonal differences that lie at the route of so many business challenges. Tools help clients to understand their own presentation to the world, how this differs from others, and how modifying style can achieve more effective outcomes.

Fiona works with professionals committed to development and growth, a relationship that is often sparked by significant moments of change.