Fiona Maher Head Shot

Fiona Maher

Executive Coach

Fiona believes people are capable of amazing things – and sometimes, along the way, they can forget this.

She works alongside clients to help them achieve success and balance in their careers and life in general, as the two are intimately connected. In her experience, it’s often a process of reconnection to the gifts and strengths that are already there.

By age 34, Fiona was coaching one of the most influential boardrooms in the UK at BP. Her last large in-house role was Director of Communications and Change for BP Wind and Solar. There, she was a member of the leadership team and worked as a coach inside and outside the boardroom. So, she knows what it takes to succeed and also understands the challenges.

Her clients work with her in different ways. Sometimes Fiona is helping a person shine in their current role. At other times, she is sitting behind the scenes helping someone fly in a new, stretch role. One particular area of specialism is helping people identify and land jobs or careers that allow them to thrive at all levels – personally, professionally and physically.

Fiona has worked as a coach for 18 years and her clients range from CEOs and senior leaders of global organisations to entrepreneurs of start-up ventures, from busy working mums to graduates. She finds it a privilege to work with them all.