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Event: EU update 2018 – Juncker’s last chance to deliver

This is the fourth edition of the popular annual EU update presented by Richard Steel, Senior Associate and Head of the Parliament Intelligence Unit at Interel.

Richard will provide participants with his unique insight into how the EU has dealt with its institutional priorities in 2017 and how 2018 is “Juncker’s last chance to deliver”.

The session will address the following three key topics:

  • How will the respective visions of the EU presented by Messrs Juncker, Tusk and Macron play out in the run up to the 2019 European Parliamentary elections?
  • Whilst Brexit dominates the news in the UK, the EU 27 are busily getting on with their own plans. What are they, and how will this affect the stagnating negotiations between 10 Downing Street and the office of Mr Barnier?
  • Looking ahead to the Summit on Institutional Affairs scheduled for February 2018; what will be the future size of the European Parliament, and how successful was the Spitzenkandidat process?


Who should attend?

This annual session is aimed at Association Secretaries General or Executive Directors, and their leading public affairs secretariat members.

about the speaker

Richard Steel is a Senior Associate at Interel and heads up its Parliament Intelligence Unit.

Richard has 30 years’ experience of working in and around the European Parliament, informing and advising clients on the latest developments, and providing early warning on what lies ahead. He has worked for a large number of international corporations and trade associations, mainly in the fields of energy, environment, food, and health. He gives regular talks on the new powers and personalities in Parliament. He has attended over 200 plenary sessions in Strasbourg and writes a monthly “Postcard from Strasbourg”, giving a light-hearted account of the weeks’ proceedings.

Richard is happy to call himself Scottish, British, and European while those three options remain open to him!

to register

Please register to attend by sending an email to academy@ellwoodatfield.com.

Date: Tuesday 12th December 2017
Time: 12:00 – 14:00
Where: Interel Offices, Rue de Luxembourg 22-24, B-1000, Brussels

Image by Jaap Arriens/SIPA USA/PA Images.

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Lord Chadlington in conversation with Lord Bell

Last month I became Senior Warden of the Company of Public Relations Practitioners; a membership organisation, part of the City of London’s livery movement that is building charitable funds, through which the PR industry can give back to the communities it serves.

The CPRP is hosting an event on 7th November, of which the topic is very timely. Lord Chadlington, a giant of the PR industry, will be in conversation with Lord Bell, one of the best known figures in the UK communications industry. The two Lords will be discussing the communications industry of today, what it might hold for the future, and the importance of risk management in PR. Given Lord Bell’s recent high-profile status following the collapse of Bell Pottinger, this should be a fascinating evening.

the event

Drinks will be served from 6:00pm for a prompt 6:30pm start. Guests will have the opportunity to put questions forward to both Lord Chadlington and Lord Bell.

Date: Tuesday 7th November 2017
Time: 6:00pm, drinks and networking from 7:30pm-8:00pm
Venue: ICAEW, Chartered Accountants’ Hall, Moorgate Place, London EC2R 6EA

Thank you to ICAEW for generously supporting this event.

Image (from left to right): Tom Ewen, Director at Ellwood Atfield, Lord Bell, Ben Atfield, Managing Director at Ellwood Atfield

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Olam International to make two key communications hires

Olam International’s team of 70,000 full-time, seasonal, contract, and temporary employees work to bring essential agricultural products to homes around the globe every day. Olam is the leading agri-business operating in 70 countries, supplying food and industrial raw materials to over 23,000 customers worldwide.

At the heart of Olam’s business plan sits a commitment to responsible growth. The organisation ensures profitable growth is achieved in an ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable manner. Only by ensuring that this is an integral part of its business model can Olam deliver long-term value for all stakeholders.

the olam culture

Over the last 27 years Olam has competed and won on the strength of its people. As a leading organisation it has attracted leaders who have grown and developed an extraordinary combination of attributes including vision, passion, inventiveness, entrepreneurism, commitment and focused drive to make Olam a global leader in the supply chain management of agricultural commodities.

It is these people who have contributed to building the Olam culture into what it is today. The culture acts as a glue and serves as a unifying force for the many business units around the world. It’s Olam’s people who are going to be the architects of the future and the global corporate communications team, based in London, sits at the heart of this commitment to responsible growth.

Olam’s Annual Report 2016 outlines the organisation’s purpose, governing objective, and vision;

  • Growing responsibly to ensure profitable growth is achieved in an ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable manner
  • To maximise long-term intrinsic value for its continuing shareholders
  • To be the most differentiated and valuable global agribusiness by 2040


Sunny Verghese co-founded Olam in 1989 and leads the company’s strategy, planning, business development, and management. His external directorships include Chairman of International Enterprise Singapore and the Human Capital Leadership Institute. Sunny is a recipient of the Outstanding CEO of the Year Award, as well as the Public Service Medal from the Government of Singapore. He embodies Olam’s commitment to sustainable growth.

During a keynote speech at the UN in April 2016, Sunny Verghese spoke of his and Olam’s motivations behind involvement with the Sustainable Development Goals.

the opportunities

Olam has appointed us to hire two key positions within its global corporate communications team, based in its central London Office:

Head of External Affairs

We are looking for a Head of External Affairs to join Olam’s fast, closely knit global corporate communications team in London.

In this newly created position, you will work closely with the Group Head of Corporate Communications to help shape and deliver Olam’s international communications.

Click here for further details and to apply.

PR Manager

You will have the opportunity to work in an exceptionally fast-paced environment with colleagues across different time zones; so you need to be smart and efficient in your approach, able to juggle priorities, and have a keen eye for detail and accuracy. This is a fascinating and rewarding position that will allow you to get to the heart of some of the world’s biggest development issues.

Click here for further details and to apply.

For full and detailed role descriptions, along with additional information on Olam please select from these links:

[ssbp title="Attributes of the Modern Corporate Affairs and Communications Practitioner" url="https://www.ellwoodatfield.com/event/attributes-modern-corporate-affairs-communications-practitioner/"]

Attributes of the Modern Corporate Affairs and Communications Practitioner

Reputation, resilience, renaissance

Business model disruption, the speed of digital connectivity and geopolitics has created a new landscape of economic uncertainty, reputational impacts have never been so prevalent. Instability has promoted the role of the Corporate Affairs and Communications Practitioner, as the thirst for clarity in a complex world has elevated their expertise and insights.

Dani Brown and I assessed the blend of new attributes our clients are looking for, as they develop their teams to meet the agility required to navigate the ‘new world new rules’ and help identify the potential gaps.

1) reputation | strategic orientation

  • Reputation has been reset. Corporate Affairs practitioners now need to be comfortable with ambiguity. They must remain fluid in repositioning strategic orientation against the shifting backdrop of a highly connected and politicised  environment, whilst creating competitive advantage out of challenges, moving from defend and protect to engage and lead.
  • The function must be a part of the Executive Committee’s decision-making process and seen as the team of ‘trusted advisers’. A recent report cited 82% of Corporate Affairs Directors attend their firm’s Executive Committee’s meetings, with 42% sitting on the committee itself,  in order to help shape strategy.
  • Practitioners therefore need to provide the crucial link between helping to understand and define the economic opportunities into action-on-the-ground, through both corporate and brand narratives.

2) Resilience | outside in

  • Practitioners need to provide clear and empathetic support to employees and consumers, untangling potentially complex and misguided information into compelling communication and value propositions. This will be directed to a range of stakeholders who will be at various stages of understanding what the organisation’s vision is and what it means to them.
  • They need the credibility to engage with policy makers to shape and influence new legislation. At all levels, they need to be a well-respected figure with gravitas, integrity, influence, and a robust commercial track-record of leadership in order to leverage value from policy.
  • A coach, collaborator and connecter, practitioners need to help set strategy and devolve responsibility into the business.

3) Renaissance | Change management

  • People want to know what an organisation stands for, where it is coming from and where it wants to get to. Practitioners need to cultivate and articulate a story that captures the culture of the organisation, armed with case studies, personal stories and a strong key message. They require the  ability to influence and guide key decision makers and stakeholders in the business.
  • Industry experience is not often cited as necessary, it is far more important to have the functional experience across the communications mix. Cross-sector movement is common in corporate affairs and communications.
  • Practitioners require experience embedding a business transformation or change management programs, and the ability to create compelling business cases and positioning initiatives to promote behavioural change. Building alliances through collaborating, influencing, networking with opinion formers and understanding how they interrelate back to the commercial business strategy.

If you would like to discuss your career, or need to hire into your team please contact rufus@ellwoodatfield.com or dani@ellwoodatfield.com

Image by NurPhoto/SIPA USA/PA Images. Oil barrel marked with the symbol of anarchism is burned in Rio’s downtown street.

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UK Finance building new External Affairs team

UK Finance represents nearly 300 of the leading firms providing finance, banking, mortgages, markets and payments-related services in or from the UK. Formed by combining most of the activities of the Asset Based Finance Association, the British Bankers’ Association, the Council of Mortgage Lenders, Financial Fraud Action UK, Payments UK, and the UK Cards Association, the new body is seeking to create a cohesive and highly functioning external affairs team that exemplifies industry best practice to deliver an outstanding service to its members and stakeholders across the financial services industry.

UK Finance has an important role to play in today’s modern, service-based economy, encapsulated by its CEO Stephen Jones:

‟For millions of people around the country, it is our contactless cards we reach for to pick up a coffee on the way to work and our mobile phones we use to check our bank balances on the go.

 The traditional consumer behaviour of visiting a bank to make a deposit, of submitting a loan application by post and meeting a mortgage advisor in person does not mirror the 21st Century experience for many retail and SME consumers of financial services.

 As the boundaries between different financial services have become blurred, one of the industry’s challenges has been to ensure products reflect and respond to the needs of all of customers.

 These changes present new and fresh opportunities which require a coordinated voice to best support financial services going forward. UK Finance will be that fresh voice: representing around 300 companies in finance, banking, mortgages, markets and payment-related services across the UK and bringing together the expertise and reach of the constituent organisations to achieve the best outcomes for our members and their customers.

As UK Finance, we will push for the UK to retain its position as a world leader in financial services, in turn ensuring customers can access market-leading and innovative products and services in an environment hostile to fraud and resilient to cyber-crime.”

UK Finance aims to be inclusive and collaborative. It acts with one voice where it can, but respects, acknowledges and represents the diversity in the members and their needs, and in the members’ customers, as appropriate. Where it cannot represent the members and its customers with a single voice, it will not seek a lowest common denominator position but will reflect the plurality of views to policy makers.

About the UK Finance External Affairs team

CEO Stephen Jones has spent nearly thirty years working in financial services; including with Santander, Barclays, Citigroup, and Schroders.

In July 2017, Rebecca Park was appointed as UK Finance’s new Head of External Affairs. Previously, Rebecca was Executive Director at the British Bankers Association, and has experience in law, government affairs, and communications. Rebecca’s new role involves reviewing all aspects of UK Finance’s communications and external affairs activity, and she is building a market leading team to position UK Finance as the financial services industry’s go-to organisation, while providing effective representation for its members and their customers across the wider UK and EU regulatory and policy landscapes.

As part of the process of building a new External Affairs team, a number of positions have been created. The Ellwood Atfield team has been appointed as the recruitment partner on this exciting project.

the opportunities

Head of UK Government Affairs

Devise and run a new political engagement strategy for UK Finance. The Head of Government Affairs will build UK Finance’s relationship and profile with ministers and parliamentarians, becoming a trusted advisor to both colleagues and UK Finance’s members. This person will provide political advice and counsel in order to influence on behalf of one of the UK’s most vital industries at this critical time.

Click here to read more and apply.

Senior Media Relations Manager

Working with the Head of Communications, design and implement the communications strategy for the association, ensuring alignment with the wider membership, and the policy and engagement strategy.

Promote the image of UK Finance and the industry through internal and external communications to enhance customer, member and employee satisfaction and support achievement of the business strategy.

Increase the organisation’s profile and enhance its reputation across all media, and with all relevant influencers and organisations, leading on media relations and including: liaising with journalists, preparing press releases and press briefings. Managing two team members, the Senior Media Relations Manager will also work closely with the Head of Communications to manage reactive issues and crisis communications for the sector.

Click here to read more and apply.

Media Relations Manager

Work with policy teams and the Head of Communications to identify positive proactive stories to be briefed to journalists on priority issues for UK Finance to promote the industry, ensuring that UK Finance is regularly featured in all relevant media.

Support the Senior Media Relations Manager and Press Officers in handling reactive day to day media relations with a focus on managing the fraud and economic crime agenda including: responding to press calls and drafting reactive lines, coordinating broadcast media bids, preparing press releases and press briefings for the CEO and senior policy colleagues.

Act as a spokesperson for UK Finance on all media outlets and provide an out of hours media service as part of a rota system; and monitoring news and breaking stories and flagging to relevant internal teams.

Click here to read more and apply.

Senior Press Officer

Support the Senior Media Relations Manager and press team in handling reactive day to day media relations: responding to press calls and drafting reactive lines, coordinating broadcast media bids, preparing press releases and press briefings for the CEO and senior policy colleagues, identifying opportunities to place proactive coverage particularly in trade and SME/business media. There will be ownership of projects so you’ll need to be organised and capable of juggling a varied workload to tight deadlines.

Act as a spokesperson for UK Finance on all media outlets and provide an out of hours media service as part of a rota system; and monitoring news and breaking stories and flagging to relevant internal teams.

Click here to read more and apply.

Communications Coordinator

Develop and deliver a comprehensive internal and member communications plan for UK Finance working closely with colleagues across External Affairs and wider organisation as required. HR will be responsible for internal communications on all HR issues and the Coordinator will work closely with HR and other colleagues responsible for internal communications on operational issues to ensure all communications are coordinated and aligned with our Vision & Values. In addition, this role will also support the membership team and CEO office to write copy for weekly updates, member updates, newsletters, reports, blogs, etc. This role is a key role in the content and creative team to ensure first class communications material for internal and external use.

Click here to read more and apply.

Content and Social Media Officer

Help promote the image of UK Finance and the industry through external and internal communications to enhance customer, member, and employee satisfaction, and support achievement of business strategy. This person will be responsible for producing and editing high quality relevant and timely content such as publications, reports, articles, blogs, and social media content.

Shared responsibility for coordinating social media output, producing content and helping with monitoring and evaluation. In addition to working very closely with press office colleagues, the Content and Social Media Officer will also provide back up support to the press office as/if required.

Click here to read more and apply.

Image of UK Finances’ offices, 1 Angel Court.

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Autumn PR Quiz

Following on from the great success of the Spring Quiz earlier this year, the Company of Public Relations Practitioners and Ellwood Atfield are hosting another quiz night.

Teams of five will compete for the glory of being crowned the PR industry’s Quiz Champions of 2017. The awards that are up for grabs include: Quiz Champions, Best Team Name, and the not so coveted Wooden Spoon prize.

Tickets are £20 person, and £100 per table. If you would like to buy just a single ticket we will match you to a team on the night. Ticket purchase includes a drink on arrival and nibbles, and proceeds from the night will go to the Company of PR Practitioners Charitable Trust.

the event

Date: Thursday 16th November
Time: Doors open at 6:00pm and quizzing begins at 6:30pm
Venue: ellwood atfield gallery, 34 Smith Square, London SW1P 3HL

Places are limited so please don’t delay, book your tickets here.

[ssbp title="To communicate or not to communicate" url="https://www.ellwoodatfield.com/event/to-communicate-or-not-to-communicate/"]

To communicate or not to communicate

Thanks to the European Association of Communication Directors for their cooperation in organising this joint session held on 26th October.

The speakers sat down to face a tightly packed Press Club. Natalia Kurop as moderator set the context of the session by providing three key themes to be addressed by the speakers, and in the audience Q&A session:

  • To communicate or not to communicate?
    The role of communications and media relations in EU association advocacy.
  • Feeling the fear and doing it anyway
    Why is media relations important to advocacy?
  • Working in the Twitter world
    Policy in 140 characters or less.

Natalia opened the discussion by painting a picture of the world that communicators operate in today. She made reference to the rise of populism within Europe and beyond, the risks posed by Brexit, the effects of climate change, and the increasingly dynamic and disturbed news cycles, thanks to social media. She stated that these factors affect the ways in which communicators in EU associations must engage in order to be effective. Click here to download Natalia’s presentation.

Natalia discussed how important the reputation of a sector is in achieving favourable policy outcomes in the EU. She underlined that if the sector has a poor reputation, it is more likely that EU decision makers would not take that sector’s opinion into account. She then referred to Ellwood Atfield’s recent research on reputation, which demonstrated that 74% of the 200 respondents of senior association leaders and members all agreed that reputation was essential to achieving public affairs goals. Another finding from EA’s research pointed to NGOs and activists as representing the greatest risk to a Brussels industry sector’s reputation. Natalia noted that journalists could write negative stories, but also quoted a senior policy person who was more afraid of the reaction of association members to a press release than any risks posed by a journalist. On the challenges of dealing with time constraints, she pointed out that it takes some European associations between 2 to 7 days to get a press release approved, whereas 1/3 of journalists working in Brussels might have 2 hours or less to deal with a story. To conclude, Natalia reported on original EA research which showed that the top 3 issues for association communications in the next three years include: addressing more audiences despite resource challenges, building and maintaining trust, and linking industrial strategies with effective communications.

Craig Winneker began his presentation on “How to cut through: effective messaging for associations” by stating, “Get to the Monkey!” meaning “get to the point”. He stated that an industry position is not “news” and that a short message will always have a greater impact. He mentioned tips on how to draft a press release and went on to provide examples of “bad” and “not bad” press releases. Finally, Craig asked participants whether, in the age of Twitter and LinkedIn, if anybody still read press releases. Click here to download Craig’s presentation.

Angela Pauly spoke of a case study in which a purely public affairs effort was turned into an advocacy victory. She described how she had been asked to edit a document prior to it being sent to an initial group of signatories. She noted that this was an opportunity to launch a campaign that would have the advantage of using the social media platforms of however many associations that joined in. In the first outreach of the “Industry for Europe” campaign, over 90 signatures were added to the joint declaration.

Angela then sought to leverage the Twitter accounts of the signatory organisations by drafting over a dozen tweets and about 5 different visuals that could be uploaded along with them, to be used by the respective associations. Importantly, she also provided the campaign multipliers with the Twitter handles of key decision makers and a suggested timeline. Within the first week after the launch of the campaign, the hashtag “Industry4Europe” had accumulated over a million impressions on Twitter. President Juncker mentioned the industrial policy in his State of the Union address a few weeks later. This was a prime example of how both the public affairs and communication teams were successful in working together for a common cause.

Natalia then engaged the audience by asking questions on which social media platforms they used and how to frame advocacy messages. She underlined the challenges of creating this framework in 140 characters. Participants shared experience on the use of LinkedIn as a tool for growing industry sector networks. Facebook could also be used for highlighting events linked to the sector. An audience member questioned whether Twitter figures really told the truth about the real impact of the message leading to a discussion about how to measure the impact of a campaign in public policy terms. Key Performance Indicators were considered elusive in terms of communications, but the speakers highlighted the selection made by decision makers in their choice of what to re-tweet, their reference to campaigns in their public statements, and the number of mentions of a campaign in traditional press articles. They also agreed that the Members of the European Parliament welcomed Twitter as an awareness raising tool whereas Commission officials might favour longer messages to be found more often in press releases.

Magdalena Wawrzonkowska aptly summarised the lively debate at the close of the session. She first reiterated the importance of the inclusion of the communications team in discussions about shaping, formatting and distributing public affairs messages. Whilst the communications roles in associations tend to be lower in number than their lobbying counterparts, working together to achieve common goals from the outset could offset the lack of staff.

Magda confirmed that there was indeed still a place for press releases and urged participants to follow the advice of Craig, in particular, keeping to the point, providing real news, and using the active voice.

Finally, Magda underlined that although the role of association communicators had become more complex use of social media, she pointed to this diversity as an advantage since it provided the means with which to reach a wider audience.

the speakers

Natalia Kurop, Senior Adviser at Ellwood Atfield, Partner at Dober Partners

Natalia Kurop has been active in communications and public affairs for 20 years. Over the last 10 years in Brussels Natalia has served as Director of Communications at DIGITALEUROPE, the leading European digital technology association, where she developed strategies to promote the industry to political and business audiences. More recently Natalia has been responsible for media relations on behalf of the EU manufacturing alliance AEGIS Europe, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Europe), and The European Technology and Travel Services Association (ETTSA). Natalia started her career as a broadcast journalist with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and has produced numerous radio documentaries and TV programmes. She is former Treasurer and Board Member of the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD), and is currently a Director at Ellwood Atfield and Partner with Dober Partners, a boutique communications consulting firm.

Craig Winneker, Director of Communications at ePURE

Craig has worked as a communications professional and journalist for more than 25 years in Brussels and Washington. Since December 2016, he has been Director of Communications for ePURE, the European renewable ethanol industry association. Before this he was News Editor at POLITICO, where he edited the daily Brussels Playbook and ran a team of eight reporters covering EU politics. He has worked as Director of Public Affairs at the European Crop Protection Association, and as Director of Political Communications for the European Photovoltaic Industry Association. His journalism career included top editorial positions with the Wall Street Journal Europe and European Voice in Brussels. He was also Managing Editor of Roll Call in Washington. He holds a BA in political science from Texas Christian University. A U.S. citizen whose mother tongue is English, Craig also speaks French. When he’s not riffing at the keyboard, he’s playing guitar in a rock band called The Basement Apes.

Angela Pauly, Head of Communications at UNIFE

Angela Pauly is Head of Communications for UNIFE, the association which represents the interests of the European rail manufacturing industry. In her current role, Angela is responsible for overseeing UNIFE’s communications strategy, campaigns and media activities towards EU institutions, broadly across the EU rail sector and related stakeholders. Prior to this, Angela worked as a communications consultant in Brussels as well as in Washington DC. For several years’ she held the position of Social Media Manager and Communications Officer for the Brussels operation of Oceana, a global not-for-profit organisation which engages in campaigns that aim to protect and restore the world’s oceans. Angela, who holds both French and US passports, has a MA in European Studies from the University of British Columbia, and a BA in Political Science from Wellesley College in the United States.

Magdalena Wawrzonkowska, Communications Manager at IFOAM EU

Prior to working at IFOAM EU, Magdalena worked as Head of Communications at Orgalime, the European Engineering Industries Association. She’s an active member of the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD), and is the association’s Regional Coordinator for Belgium. Magdalena holds a Master degree in Political Science from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland.


[ssbp title="Ellwood Atfield acquires Mondo Executive Search" url="https://www.ellwoodatfield.com/event/ellwood-atfield-acquires-mondo-executive-search/"]

Ellwood Atfield acquires Mondo Executive Search

September 2017. Ben Atfield commented on the acquisition

I am delighted to announce that Ellwood Atfield has acquired Mondo Executive Search, an international executive search consultancy specialising in the corporate affairs, communications and sustainability functions.  The two founding Partners, Dani Brown and Rufus Bullough will further strengthen our position as the leading communications and advocacy headhunting firm, supporting senior executives and their teams. Dani and Rufus bring a unique mix of working with Boards and Executive Committees, who understand the modern blend of skillsets required where performance, purpose and reputation meet. This means that we now have the largest team of senior headhunters in the marketplace, and Dani and Rufus’ track record and perspective will bring our clients new and exciting insights into the evolving corporate affairs agenda.


Dani and Rufus are experts in recruiting leaders who shape change through developing and implementing compelling commercial narratives, frameworks and policies.  Their business grew in response to the climate of political uncertainty, business model disruption and the speed of stakeholder engagement where reputational impacts are more frequent and more damaging than ever before.  They have worked with a range of clients, both in the UK and internationally, including Mars, British Land, The Co-operative Group, BP, AXA, Bechtel, Syngenta and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in both executive and advisory positions.

Dani and Rufus commented that

We are thrilled to join Ellwood Atfield. We have always admired them, particularly their culture, their extensive track record and commitment to communications and advocacy. Our experience of appointing senior leaders and advisors across corporate affairs, communications and sustainability will complement their existing leadership team, further strengthening Ellwood Atfield’s offering. We are excited to be part of the team”.


As Ellwood Atfield goes from strength to strength we welcome speaking to other senior leaders within our industry who may also want to join us.