Evening drinks reception with Evan Davis

The BBC’s Evan Davis joined a packed ellwood atfield gallery last night for a drinks reception, hosted jointly with the fact checking charity Full Fact. The guests were a mix of people from the public and private sector, academia and the media.

Evan spoke entertainingly about the dire need for more facts in British public debate. Especially with the EU referendum on the horizon, organisations like Full Fact are essential in helping to “anchor public debate to reality”. Evan gave examples from his time as presenter of Newsnight to highlight how all too often interviewees make bold claims that can’t be backed up by cold hard facts.

Full Fact’s Director, Will Moy, then gave a short talk about Full Fact’s recent work and plans for the future. Their small team of researchers and communications staff ran an 18-hour a day election centre for the 2015 general election, and have even bigger plans to come.

People who work in every sector benefit from more facts in public debate. In the age of 24-hour news and social media, facts can all too easily be drowned out in the noise of opinion and rhetoric; organisations like Full Fact are a rare non-partisan voice in the maelstrom.

the night in pictures

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