Financial management, EU funding, tax and accounting matters for EU associations

Second Academy session presented and hosted by KPMG EU office. KPMG hosted a lively discussion on financial management for associations.

Follow this link to download the presentation.


Several key points arose from the discussion:

  • Seeking EU funding is a complex and drawn out process with no guarantee of success. This is why KPMG advise that the funding project fits into your business plan from a personnel based, financial and technical perspective. Before seeking funding, you should ensure that the grant will support the sustainability of your organisation – it is not a short term financial solution !
  • Though each Directorate General and each grant type is different, in their role as auditors, KPMG have identified mistakes common to most projects. If you avoid these mistakes (see KPMG session ppt) you will greatly increase your chances of success.
  • Be proactive in your approach to preparing for an audit. Anticipate the audit at the start of the funded project.

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