The Global Cement and Concrete Association’s search for a Director of Communications and Policy.

The world is rapidly changing, by 2050 the global population is expected to reach 9 billion. Over the course of the next 15 years it is predicted that an additional 1.1 billion people will move into urban, city environments. This is a remarkable shift and requires construction and growth on an unprecedented scale. Cement and Concrete, the world’s most used manmade product, will be pivotal in providing the solution to the challenges caused by such growth. Importantly, it is a material which is environmentally sustainable, durable and resilient.


Launched in January 2018, the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) is dedicated to developing and strengthening the sector’s contribution to sustainable construction.


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Ten leading companies in the cement and concrete sectors launched the GCCA. Together they represent 30% of global cement production. Their London based headquarters has welcomed a new Chief Executive and is now looking to build their executive team by another three appointments, including a new Director of Communications and Policy, by the end of 2018. This is only the start of their journey.


They have a vision built on three objectives:


  • To drive responsible industrial leadership
  • To improve the global social and environmental impact
  • To foster innovation which inspires and harnesses the sustainability potential of this material


The new Director of Communications and Policy will perform a crucial role as an influential member of the Executive. They will use their own ambition and drive to assist in building a global membership association, from its very earliest moments to the point when its voice is heard on the global stage.


Please contact Tom Ewen or Gavin Ellwood for an initial discussion and to apply for the role.

For a brief synopsis of the responsibilities and to apply then please click: HERE

A full role description will be shared following application.

For more information please review the following sites:


GCCA website

Making Concrete Green; The Guardian

Concrete and Sustainability;

UN report on Urban population growth 



Image: The Municipality of Sao Paulo, through the Secretariat of Green and Environment, began the installation of the ‘Green Corridor’ on Avenida 23 de Maio on 8 April 2017. The structure will receive about 30 species of plants and foliage, such as basil, heart broken, rosemary, brillianth, English carpet, oregano, iris, coleus, among others. “It will be a new reference in the life of the city. It is an action that shows the humanization of the city, with the goal of beautifying and preserving the capital, “said Mayor João Doria.The Green Corridor will cover the walls of Avenida 23 de Maio with vertical gardens. 11.000 m2 of gray walls will gain a new life and improve the daily commute of almost 100 thousand vehicles that circulate there every day. (Photo by Cris Faga/NurPhoto)

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