How to keep your job search hot this summer

With the arrival of summer it’s common for the market to settle down and for job seekers to feel that there are fewer opportunities out there. With plenty of people going away for their annual break or taking time off during school holidays, this is completely normal and doesn’t come as a surprise to those of us who work in recruitment. However, there are still plenty of things you can do to make sure you are keeping your job search on track during the warmer months.

  1. Networking events

Many organisations and industry groups hold annual summer parties, and with the sun out, it’s the best time of year for networking. While going along to a networking event can feel dauting, they are vital for getting your name out into the sector and developing your personal brand. Networking events are also a great tool for building up your expertise as these events often include brilliant insights from professionals in the industry. Not only will they help you to generally build up your expertise in the industry, but they make for a great conversation piece in an interview as well.

  1. Personal network

Reaching out to people who you used to work with is also a great way to keep active in the market and to have an ear to the ground on new opportunities coming up. We often hear from our contacts that they hear about job opportunities via word of mouth – whether pointing them to a relevant job advert, recruitment contact or the hiring manager.  A lot of people find using their established network a great way to secure new opportunities, so do what you can to maintain your current network and to build up new contacts too.

  1. Social Media

LinkedIn is a brilliant tool for getting a new job. Being active on social media and sharing useful content with your connections will allow you to build up a strong profile and you will quickly expand your network. By using tools such as LinkedIn you are also much more likely to have people coming across your profile and contacting you directly about opportunities too.

  1. Recruitment consultants

Partnering with a recruiter for your job search is a great way to ensure that you are hearing about as many job opportunities as possible. A good recruiter will be in a position to share a range of roles with you – potentially opening your eyes to organisations and roles that you may not have considered yourself. They can also give you a broader insight into the market, advising on what skills and experience organisations are looking for and what your salary expectations should be.  A recruiter can also help you navigate the market, whether it is busy or quiet.

While summer can feel quieter, it offers an excellent opportunity to explore less traditional ways of job-seeking, take the opportunity to expand your network, and reconnect with former colleagues and contacts. And not everyone shuts up shop at this time of year – it can be a great time for organisations to start their recruitment processes as they are able to attract a large pool of hungry and motivated candidates without getting lost in the ‘noise’ of a crowded job market.

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