Human-centred organisational cultures is the future

This was a very interactive session facilitated by Tom Robinson from Talent Tomorrow. Tom discussed why Organisational Development and Culture should be everyone’s responsibility and not ‘boxed off’ and solely the responsibility of one team.

The reason being that companies need to work as a whole to be most effective. Tom talked through three considerations of his:

1. The future is in human-centred organisational cultures

2. People and organisations are inseparable

3. People value emotional, rather than transactional, factors

Policies and procedures stifling motivation

Tom discussed how companies need to be creating the circumstances for people to do the best work of their lives and how having lots of policies, procedures, etc. is often at odds with this and doesn’t make people motivated or inspired. He cited Virgin removing their holiday allowance and someone mentioned how they do this at Yammer and how people are so motivated and committed to the work that they do there. One company’s expenses policy is, “Spend it like it’s yours.”

Putting people at the centre of business decisions

Tom discussed how people’s attitude to work is changing, particularly those just leaving university and how the power is shifting towards the employee and companies are increasingly putting people at the centre of things and that this should include all business decisions. He recommended watching this video about what motivates us.

Case studies from Mitie Group and LaFosee Associates

There were some great case studies from Ana Canabarro, Head of Learning and Development at Mitie Group and Amy Gilman, Human Resources Director, at LaFosse Associates.
Ana discussed all the fantastic work the Mitie Group are doing around engagement and how they are trying to keep their culture with employees who don’t work at a Mitie Group office. She discuss how they do this through the Engagement Team; Engagement Champions; Engagement Ambassadors – having twitter accounts, newsletters so people can share best practice, keep up to date with what’s going on, etc.

Amy discussed how LaFosse Associates are trying to keep their culture as they grow and how they are doing this through:

  • 1. Including people in discussions around culture and values
  • 2. Aligning everything to their culture and values – how they hire; how they develop people and how they manage performance. They are using The Open Blend Method to do this. It is an online tool that enables businesses and managers to enhance the performance and productivity of their talent.
  • 3. Education – L&D initiatives in-line with culture
  • 4. Talk and Listen – suggestion scheme that is always replied to and discussed in their company meeting
  • 5. Check-in. Pulse survey’s to see how people are thinking and feeling


EEA Awards Reminder

Crispin Manners, Chairman and Managing Director at The Employee Engagement Alliance, concluded and reminded everyone of the EEA awards and that the deadline for entries is 7th October.

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