I don’t want to spend time (almost) alone with you!

Why do the leaders of so many recruitment and executive search firms take their “high achievers” away on holiday?

And why do hard working consultants and support functions within recruitment and executive search firms – who happen not to fall into the top 10% or achieve a certain threshold – put up with their bosses partying in Barbados, Dubai or Val-d’Isère, when they have probably contributed just as much?

Seriously, I can only guess at the psychology of recruitment bosses who think it’s motivational, or fair, to leave the majority of their teams at home when celebrating success.

I think one reason is that these recruitment bosses like free holidays. Whether as an escape from their families or as a chance to let their hair down.

Yes, of course, I think individual over performance should be encouraged. In fact, it’s central to my job to help create an environment where each person’s potential can truly blossom. But going on a “strategy” trip to a ski or beach resort is at best counterproductive, and at worst tacky.

Last year we grew by 30%. There were some exceptional performances by individual consultants. But we decided, as one team, to celebrate our collective success.

If your bosses believe in taking away the “high flyers” they don’t believe in teamwork. Why am I telling you this? Because we are hiring, and I want to speak with recruitment and executive search consultants who share the same values. Team means Team. And great teams enable us as individuals to reach further than we can on our own.

It’s often a big thing considering a move. So let’s break the “big” decision down. The first step, have a good look at our new website. The second step, if you like what you see drop me an email, let’s have a coffee.

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