The Management Consultancies Association’s Search for a CEO

The UK consulting industry is amongst the best in the world and a vital part of the business landscape. The MCA is the representative body of the management consultancy industry in the UK.

MCA members make vital contributions to the economy, public services and our national life. It is a £6bn industry, creating about £60bn worth of value to the UK economy. MCA membership constitutes over half the industry and is continuously growing and increasingly diverse, from the large consulting firms to the small and specialised.



The consulting industry is having to respond to the disruption in the sector and the changing world of its clients. The big four face the potential break-up of their UK businesses, something which politicians and regulators are suggesting as an answer to the problem of conflicts of interest embedded in the industry. Clients of MCA members are changing profoundly and demanding more and more from their consultants, mostly in response to the increasing impact of technology and the shifts of economic power in western democracies.

The MCA’s mission is to promote the value of management consultancy for the economy and society. To achieve this mission, the MCA board has recently agreed to a three-year strategic plan and has very recently started to implement it. The strategy focuses on delivering value to members through three key objectives:

1. Being the voice of the industry
2. Promoting a credible and professional industry
3. Creating better engagement with and between members

The MCA board is looking for a new CEO to deliver its three-year strategy and achieve its mission, and in doing so ensure the MCA continues to be a relevant voice in the market and promote the value of high quality consulting.

Please contact Gavin Ellwood or Dani Brown for an initial discussion and to apply for the role.

Following interviews with Ellwood Atfield, successful candidates will be invited for an interview with the MCA in early September 2018.

MCA Chief Executive Officer Job Description

Apply here.

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