Progressing in recruitment & following your own advice.

Like many people, recruitment was not a career I had considered until I found myself during the financial crisis as an unemployed (fairly clueless) graduate, and my CV had worked its way into the hands of an overly enthusiastic Rec-to-Rec.

Much to my parent’s relief, I secured my first proper job at an agency that offered me progression and opportunity. I worked my way up the ranks, eventually building my own team of Consultants, together recruiting for communications roles within the public sector. After a wonderful 7 years, I decided that I would follow the strategic advice that I offered my candidates and look to develop my skills elsewhere, by gaining exposure in another organisation and exploring different ways of working.

Thus began the search! Admittedly I toyed with the idea of going in-house but decided that I still had the fire in my belly for ‘360-degree’ recruitment, and particularly loved the fast-paced nature of contract recruitment. I had always heard excellent things about Ellwood Atfield, from speaking to candidates and clients in the communications space and I wanted to work for an agency who specifically recruited to communications roles and thus were experts in their field. After being put through my paces, I was delighted to be offered the job as Deputy Head of Interim Practice.

Two months in, I am both relieved and delighted that so far every expectation has been realised and I’m pleased that I trusted my gut instinct. At the risk of sounding like the office creep, I have been particularly impressed that the leadership and team of Directors here (most of whom come from a public affairs or communications background) roll up their sleeves as much as the new starters. As such, the reciprocal relationships that have been nurtured over time has resulted in an extensive network of communications professionals who truly trust and have bought into the people-centric ethos of EA. I have never had so many LinkedIn requests nor felt quite so popular!

By working in only two organisations on a permanent basis, my own CV can differ greatly to the people I consult on a daily basis. Whilst delighted with my move, I have a new found respect for contractors who are regularly tasked with joining a new team and have to quickly get to grips with a new culture, ways of working and different systems, with the expectation to ‘hit the ground running’ and add immediate value.

Whether you are a substantive or an interim member of staff, strategically planning your career path sometimes requires guidance. Consultants like myself and my colleagues are well versed in helping you make important decisions such as whether you should take a lateral step, flex on rate and location in order to work your way into a new sector, or instead sit tight and upskill. Whilst it’s unrealistic to expect anyone to will Monday mornings to come around quicker, or sing along to the sound of your morning alarm, receiving stimulation from your job and those around you contributes hugely to your day to day happiness.

Please do get in touch if you would like any career advice, are looking to recruit or would consider working here at Ellwood Atfield on 0203 824 9869.

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