Preparing yourself for a Video Interview

In light of the current pandemic, it is only sensible to follow health advice and utilise technology in the hiring process.

We are well versed in remote interviews and of course, an element is lost, but you can still impress from your kitchen table.

These are our tips.

Be prepared

In advance of your interview, make sure you and your interviewer have all of the information that you both need. Software like Skype and Microsoft Teams simply need email addresses, but confirm in advance if further information is required.

In addition, it is important that you prepare in the same way you would for a traditional face to face interview. Research the organisation, role and interviewers where possible, and make sure if it’s a competency-based interview you have practised your STAR techniques.

Check connectivity/location

In advance of your interview, we would recommend doing a “dry run”. Either call a friend or family member, or most software will allow you to make a trial call. Ensure that your connection is strong wherever you intend to make the call, and that your device’s speakers and microphone are working adequately.

Pick your location carefully, nobody wants to see your band posters from when you were nine in the background! In addition, your location needs to be quiet and professional, without distraction e.g. cat, television or outside noise.

Finally, ensure that your camera is at eye height so you can look the interviewer in their eyes and mitigating those unflattering angles.

Read our general interview tips.

Dressed for interview

As you would any interview, ensure that you are dressed appropriately. In most instances when “interviewing from home”, you can adopt a more smart-casual approach but in certain circumstance, it may still be more appropriate to be suited and booted. It is perfectly acceptable to ask in advance.


This is key. There is no doubting that interviewing via video call can make things more awkward. Ensure that you are engaging and focused on the interviewer, and that everybody is respectful of allowing questions and answers to be completed as video calling does come with split-second delays.

Work on your body language, tone of voice and practice making eye contact in advance.


If necessary, interviewing via video call offers you the opportunity to discreetly have to hand your CV, the job description and even a couple of prompts. If you do choose to utilise these resources, ensure that they are placed in a convenient location such that you can maintain appropriate eye contact with your camera.


Please get in touch, we are always on-hand to help prepare and explore new opportunities with you.

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