Public Affairs People: Skills, Remuneration, Recruitment and Retention

Hello Brussels public affairs practitioners – come join me, Ben Atfield and leading Brussels lobbyists for an interesting session with the European Centre for Public Affairs (ECPA) on 20 April at 1700 hrs described below.
We will discuss Public Affairs People: Skills, Remuneration, Recruitment and Retention.

People are the most important ingredients in Public Affairs.  People without the right competencies, training or personality can actually harm an organization’s reputation and aggravate sensitive issues. Successful public affairs practitioners build real value for their organizations.

Mark Dober and Ben Atfield of specialist recruitment firm Ellwood Atfield will lead a discussion on the ‘people’ side of public affairs.  Mark is the author of Ellwood Atfield’s latest remuneration report, and numerous studies in the field of public affairs and communications. Ben is the co-founder of Ellwood Atfield and has a wealth of experience in public affairs recruitment and people. Research, analysis and experience will be shared in a discussion around the following key areas for public affairs leaders:


  • Defining the ‘perfect’ lobbyist
  • Building a high-performing public affairs team
  • Changing skill set of Public Affairs practitioners


  • How much are top lobbyists paid?
  • Differences between Companies, Associations, Consultancies and NGOs
  • Tax trends and minimizing tax burdens


  • Recruiting Public Affairs people – past, present & future overview
  • Challenges of recruiting EU public affairs people
  • How to attract (and turn off) top candidates to your organization
  • Legal and other perspectives on hiring (and firing)
  • When and why use a recruiter


  • Retaining your best people
  • Managing your own and others’ careers in Public Affairs

the event

When: Wednesday 20 April 2016 – 17:00 to 18:30
Where: Brussels Press Club, rue Froissart 95, 1000 Brussels

We hope to see you on April 20th for an interesting and stimulating discussion!

Would you like to advance your career or appoint someone?