The Trade Association Salary and Benefits Survey compiles responses from trade associations representing every sector of the UK economy.

The data will provide a unique insight into the current level of remuneration and benefits in associations at all levels of seniority and allow for salary benchmarking. The report will also include exclusive data on the expected impact of Brexit on trade associations in the UK. It can be read and compared alongside the 2017 report to provide a narrative of the effect Brexit, and other influences, have had in the past year.

Ellwood Atfield will publish this analysis with the Trade Association Forum (TAF). Our partnership with TAF coupled with the depth and breadth of our work across sectors at all levels of staffing allows us to create important, lasting relationships as well as producing in-depth research. It has yet again been a turbulent year in UK politics, and the report should provide some indication of the outlook for trade associations going into 2019.

We are asking the help of those within trade associations to fill in the survey in return for a copy of the report.


As well as providing a more detailed evaluation of the points above, the report also explores:

-Salary information across staff seniority levels

-Bonus basis and levels

-Pensions provision

-Board remuneration

-Use of consultants

-Other benefits


I hope that the insights gained from this report will aid the refinement of remuneration policy and provide valuable information to associations.

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