Speaker’s internship programme

The 10 successful applicants of the Speaker’s Internship Programme have finished their nine month paid placement within Parliament.

Whittled down from hundreds of applicants each intern was given the opportunity to work in an MP’s office, opening up opportunities in Parliament to those who would have never otherwise had the chance. The importance of this scheme was praised in speeches made by Dan Jarvis MP and the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt. Hon. John Bercow MP. By opening up Parliament to those with disadvantaged backgrounds or those without the means to work in politics without a living wage, the scheme helps ensure Parliament is kept diversified and representative of all of the UK.

Each intern received their certificate (and an individual photo with the Speaker of the House of Commons himself) to the sound of applause of a room full of the scheme’s alumni, MPs, and trustees. Then there was time for a quick cup of tea and biscuits and the inevitable political chit chat, within the opulent rooms of the Speaker’s House.

Over the past few months, Ellwood Atfield consultants have been providing individual career support to each of the interns. With many of the interns now having secured further roles within Parliament, Ellwood Atfield looks forward to continuing to support each of them in advancing their careers.

We look forward to offering the same support and advice to the next intake from this excellent scheme.

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