The benefits of working in a smaller company and other insights from our Consultants

In week 3 of our internal recruitment blog series, we hear from two colleagues who have both been with Ellwood Atfield a number of years. If you are looking to move roles, please do get in touch with our Deputy MD Jules Shelly –

‘I have been at Ellwood Atfield for nearly four years and have always found that the culture and team set Ellwood Atfield apart from other Head Hunters. This did not falter during the pandemic; like many other recruiters EA faced challenges during this period, and as a result I was furloughed. Even during this very difficult period I was supported fully by the team who worked incredibly hard to ensure they could bring back furloughed staff, so when I was asked if I would like to come back it was a no-brainer!

 In addition to the culture there are several advantages to working in a team of experienced recruiters, and ex-communications and public affairs practitioners, who provide excellent insight into best practise recruitment in this space. The accumulated team knowledge and long-lasting candidate and client relationships is a key reason why Ellwood Atfield has a strong reputation in the communications industry, and continue to work through the challenges presented by the pandemic.

 Since returning I have been promoted to Senior Consultant taking on new challenges including more training responsibilities, and I am on track to have one of my best financial years yet. It is also exciting to see the team grow as we bring on new talent, especially now we are back in the office and are able to regularly spend time outside of work together as a team.’

Florence Goddard, Senior Consultant

  ‘I joined Ellwood Atfield from a large, generalist recruitment firm because I wanted to continue my specialisation in policy and public affairs without the politics of dozens of competing teams. Not only have I been offered the opportunity to grow my knowledge of this sector and fulfil increasing senior and more interesting client requirements, I have also found a group of engaged, knowledgeable and switched on colleagues.

 Since joining I have always noted that the pressure of working for Ellwood Atfield is carrying the EA name into every engagement. People expect more from us because of our long history of working with the best clients and engaging with the best candidates in what is a small and intimate sector where your reputation means everything. We protect that by hiring the very best headhunters from recruitment and industry, resulting in an exceptionally high performing team who are on track for their best ever year of business.

 If, like me, you are working for a generalist and want to carve out your own specialism, get in touch!’

Alec Zetter, Principal Consultant

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