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Association performance and employment law compliance

We wish to invite you to our annual edition of “Association performance and employment law compliance” with Sophie Maes, Partner at Claeys & Engels and Annabelle Truyers, Associate at Claeys & Engels.

Why attend?

This legal update is a must for all association leaders.  The session will deal with changes in HR law impacting your organisation and provide insight into how you can provide some degree of flexibility for your staff.  More specifically, Claeys & Engels will provide clear recommendations on clauses to be included in employment contracts.  They will also provide advice on wording for HR policies that you can consider implementing now, in anticipation of any problems that might arise later.

Topics addressed:

  • Return of the probation clause ?
  • Flexibility clauses: useful and enforceable ?
  • Confidentiality clauses: how far can we go ?
  • Non-compete clauses: when valid ?
  • Do we need to have policies ? How to introduce and change policies ?
  • ICT policy: Is there a need to monitor e-mail and internet use ? Consequences in the absence of such a policy ?
  • Home working policy and car policy.


Who should attend ?

This popular event is aimed at Secretaries General, Executive Directors, Chief Operating officers and HR specialists.

The event is free of charge and will  take place on Thursday 15th March 2018, from 1200 to 1400.  It is kindly hosted by Claeys & Engels at Boulevard du Souverain, 280, B-1160.

Please register by writing to academy@ellwoodatfield.com.

Other Upcoming Events

Recruiting and Retaining a High Performing Secretariat

Speakers: Dr Rachel Barlow and Mark Dober of Ellwood Atfield and the Association Leadership Academy





Date: Tuesday 12th June, 2018 (TBC), from 1200 to 1400.

Venue: TBC

More information to follow in May.


Trade Law for Associations

Speaker: Laurent Ruessmann, Partner for Competition, Regulatory and Trade Law, Fieldfisher





Date: Tuesday 25th September, 2018, from 1200 to 1400

Venue:  l’Arsenal, Boulevard Louis Schmidt, 29, 1040 Brussels

More information to follow in June.

Previous Association Leadership Academy sessions

To communicate or not to communicate

The speakers sat down to face a tightly packed Press Club. Natalia Kurop as moderator set the context of the session by providing three key themes to be addressed by the speakers, and in the audience Q&A session: To communicate or not to communicate?
The role of communications and media relations in EU association advocacy. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway
Why is media relations important to advocacy? Working in the Twitter world Policy in 140 characters or less.

Do’s and Don’ts of working with self-employed contractors

This Association Leadership Academy session was hosted by Sophie Maes in the spacious Claeys & Engels theatre meeting room. Sophie presented on the potential for and means of legally complying with a self-employed status for both a Finance Director and a Secretary General as examples.

Influence and Media Messaging for associations

Sticky messages, led by Laura Shields, hosted by KPMG. Laura led an interactive workshop on developing media messages that “stick” for associations. A notoriously difficult task not least due to the need to build consensus within an association and the ensuing dilution of the key message.

Business Associations and their Corporate Members: how to harvest mutual strengths

The Association Leadership Academy held a lunch time session on ‘Business Associations and their Corporate Members: how to harness mutual strengths’, led by Brunswick.This session focused on gaining a better understanding of corporate priorities and how these could be integrated into an association’s strategic planning.

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