Vacancy: Director of External Affairs at The Portman Group

The Portman Group is the regulator for alcohol producers in the UK which sets and maintains standards for the industry. Based in Mayfair The Portman Group is a not-for-profit organisation funded by eight member companies who represent every sector of drinks production and collectively account for more than half the UK alcohol market.

The Organisation’s role is to:

  • Lead on best practice in alcohol social responsibility through the actions of member companies.
  • Regulate the promotion and packaging of alcoholic drinks sold or marketed in the UK through our Code of Practice.
  • Challenge and encourage the industry to market its products responsibly.

This role will play a key part in ensuring that The Portman Group achieves its aim.

As the Director of External Affairs for the Portman Group, you will be responsible for external relations, communications, policy and public affairs, including with industry, member companies, media, government and a range of other stakeholders.

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