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In week 2 of our internal recruitment blog series, we hear from two colleagues who have both been with Ellwood Atfield a number of years. If you are looking to move roles, please do get in touch with our Deputy MD Jules Shelly – Jules@ellwoodatfield.com

 ‘Three years ago I made the decision that I was ready for a new step and a change in my career. I had previously completed a degree in my key interest, Politics, and upon graduating I found myself in a graduate recruitment scheme at a large recruitment firm. I thoroughly enjoyed helping people find their perfect role and working with clients to ensure they find the best talent for their organisation. However, I couldn’t help but feel that I was still missing something without that connection to the political world. This is where Ellwood Atfield came into the picture.

Since joining I have been fortunate enough to engage with a number of highly impressive and successful people. With clients who have former Ministers as their CEOs, and candidates who have previously been journalists with the BBC or broadcasts such as The Times, there is rarely a dull moment here. We are encouraged to attend events such as Party Conferences, and to focus on particular areas of interest whether it be Diversity and Inclusion, or sustainability, giving us a choice over the direction which we take our career, and really allowing us to be experts in our specialism.

One particular project I am proud of was the CommsVolunteers.org programme which EA ran over the course of Covid19. We created this to connect communications experts to a range of organisations including the NHS, Anxiety UK and The Wildlife Trust at a time when they were most in need of crucial support and guidance. Through our extensive network we had over 550 volunteers sign up to dedicate their time for free to these charities. This was something which was so positive to take part in, especially during such difficult times.

Outside of the day job, EA has provided many fun experiences. We have been on trips to Paris and have monthly socials ranging from bowling trips to private dining experiences, providing regular fun activities which are always open to everyone rather than a select few. This really enables EA to be the wonderful place it is to work, providing a supportive, collaborative environment which really does guide and support you to achieve your broader aims and goals.’

Catherine Almond, Senior Consultant

 The thing about recruitment is that you have to be money motivated. But the thing that takes a job and makes it a career goes way beyond making money, it is about fulfilment, and EA has given me exactly that. I am motivated by doing great work and before joining EA, I didn’t really feel like I was doing great work. I’m sure that was largely down to me, but it was also because I was often working for organisations I didn’t believe in, who’s values didn’t chime with my own.

I’m not saying that every day and every role is the ideal client scenario; (they value the function, they pay the market rate, they value the insight and skill we bring to the search process), but it’s not far off! In five years I have been fortunate to work with everyone from high profile trade associations and regulators, to noteworthy charities and causes, and to hugely successful and vitality important businesses. Organisations, who’s communications functions have a crucial role to play in an ever changing environments. Not only that, I have been fortunate to meet countless brilliant, senior communications professionals, and I have been able to offer them advice and guidance at key moments of their career, and play some small part in their own success.

None of that would be possible without the knowledge and experience of the brilliant EA’ers I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by over the past five and a half years. I’ve been supported, challenged, and pushed to a place where I now feel I can be in a room with the great and the good of the world of corporate affairs, and that I have something tangible to offer them. To me, that is everything, and recruitment is no longer a job, it’s my career, and I’m proud of it.  

James Green, Principal Consultant


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