Ellwood Atfield’s chosen local charity is The Listening Place.

The Listening Place provides face-to-face, non-judgemental and confidential support to people who feel life is no longer worth living.

Visitors to The Listening Place receive support through free fortnightly appointments with a highly-trained volunteer at one of its three London sites, for as long as it takes to reduce their suicidal feelings.  The charity is currently supporting over 1,300 suicidal people on an ongoing basis and aims to support 6,000 people this year.

Every £293 donated to The Listening Place will fund support for someone who is feeling suicidal for as long as they need, providing them with potentially life-saving support during their darkest times.

The charity also has strong evidence to show that their support works, with Visitors reporting a highly-significant reduction in their suicidal feelings after three and six months of appointments.

Why The Listening Place exists

In the UK someone dies by suicide every 80 minutes. It is the leading cause of death in men under the age of 50 and in all adults under the age of 35. Most of those who die have sought but not found support and help. The Listening Place was set up in 2016 to meet this need, providing those who feel suicidal with ongoing, face-to-face support for as long as it takes to reduce their suicidal feelings.


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