Ellwood Atfield’s chosen charity is The Listening Place.

The Listening Place offers free, confidential, face-to-face support for people who are feeling suicidal. Support is by appointment and continues for as long as the person needs – it is delivered by well-trained volunteers. In our first month we accepted 9 referrals, we now accept 300 referrals of suicidal people every month from 122 partner organisations.

We are now opening our second centre to respond to the rising demand for our support and this year we estimate that we will support close to 3000 suicidal individuals.

Why The Listening Place exists

Suicide kills around 18 a day in the UK. Most of those who die have sought but not found support and help. Suicide is the majorĀ single cause of death in men under the age of 49 in the UK, and there is an alarming increase in suicidal intentions amongst women.

Supporting those who feel life is no longer worth living


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