Take a seat at Christmas 2017

We’ve welcomed over 2,500 guests to 40 events this year in our gallery. All spectacular. All unique. This one was for us. Done our way.

Our Political Cartoon of the Year Awards last November with Ed Balls, Lord Paddy Ashdown and 500 distinguished guests, was the best party in Westminster. We have an ambitious events team, so rightfully, we all have sky-high expectations.

Christmas sack loads of effort, care and meticulous detail went into making every one of us feel special. That’s the EA way. Emma Harrison, Ben Atfield and David Milligan insisted on preparing the meal for all 28 of us from the London and Brussels offices.

Thank you Ben and the Christmas Committee for a stellar party. It’s times like this when we all feel grateful to have genuinely thoughtful, generous colleagues.

Back to the day job now of being the best communications and advocacy headhunters. Wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas break. And we look forward to working with you in the new year.


If you’d like to join the team, and take a seat at next year’s Christmas party, please get in touch.





We are honoured that Emma Harrison, Ben Atfield and David Milligan prepared this wonderful christmas meal for all 28 of us!


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