Happy gut. Happy team.

“Green juice first ladies.” Bottoms up!

9 of us are all fired up after our ‘Eat To Live’ nutrition workshop.

The ‘shot’ glass of green vegetables, lemongrass, ginger and apple looked like it should taste like lawn. As some of us cautiously sipped, others knocked it back, eyes closed. It tasted good though, and cleansed our pallets in readiness for our 8 course super food lunch, prepared for us by Cath Short at Raw4Fitness.


During 1 hour we have eaten an impressive lunch and learnt how to fuel up on the right stuff to feel good and get positive results. For many different reasons, we all needed help introducing healthier food choices to feel better – niggly health issues, bloating, stress. Cath’s passion and energy alone are enough to make you want some of what she’s on.

We talked about fats and sugars, tasting quite a few healthier alternatives to sugar. Discussed acid-forming foods which can have a negative impact on your overall health, and how to properly understand food labels and identify the hidden nasties. Cath’s on-the-go breakfasts were a winner for us all. We mixed the ingredients with our choice of milk, let them work their magic over night and started the next morning feeling fabulous.

Thank you Cath for a fun – filling – inspiring workshop.

Ashleigh Macfarlane, Head of Marketing, Ellwood Atfield.

Life is fast paced here and everyone will experience stressful periods. Looking after the teams happiness and wellbeing is a responsibility we take seriously. The Raw4Fitness nutrition workshop was very popular. I’m not sure exactly what everyone ate – but the team were certainly energised and enthused when they returned to the office. Thank you Cath Short for a healthier Ellwood Atfield.

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