Strategy. Master craftsmen. Sun!

EA Away Day.

Remember at school, on a gorgeous hot day, someone’s hand would go up before tentatively asking ‘Can we do the lesson outside Miss?” We had that moment at our away day on Wednesday, without the tentativeness and hand raising of course.

The majority of the London and Brussels teams gathered at The Goldsmiths’ Centre in the heart of Clerkenwell’s design quarter. It brings together workspace, education and training to ensure the future success of the sector in London. Beautiful jewellery greeted us with a twinkle from cabinets as we arrived, and the top floor decking area pictured above was where we had some of the ‘break out’ sessions.

We reflected a little, looking back on a year that has seen significant growth for Ellwood Atfield. We have warmly welcomed 13 new team members in the last 12 months and will recruit a further 4 this year into our London team. We look for people with a ‘crackle’ – a liveliness and energy about them. Please get in touch with Ben Atfield who can tell you more about working with us if that’s you.

The majority of the day however was spent looking forward. How can we make the lives of hiring managers and HR even easier to recruit and retain the best communications people, and how can we make it easier for communications professionals looking for a new opportunity?

The Master craftsman working downstairs in The Goldsmiths’ Centre produce exceptional and bespoke pieces for their clients. Our craft is finding exceptional communications people for our clients, and we believe we have Master craftsmen ourselves.

Would you like to advance your career or appoint someone?