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Future of Engagement

Ellwood Atfield hosted Engage International’s first event last night, in our gallery. It was an interactive session where attendees got to play ...more

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2016 Round Up: Associations and the new EU

DECEMBER 2016: Report of Interel session with Richard Steel...more

Ed-hunted. Political Cartoon of the Year Awards 2016

[embed]https://vimeo.com/194494044[/embed] 'Ed-hunted' Ellwood Atfield headhunts Ed Balls to come dancing at its Political Cartoon Awards ...more

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Winners: Signed copy of the Political Cartoon of the Year 2016

Congratulations to Peter Brookes (above photo) of The Times, winner of the Political Cartoon of the Year 2016 at last night's spectacular awards ...more

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Internal Communications ‘Fight Club’ IV

IC Fight Club, the antidote to boring networking events was back in town last night for the fourth time. We discussed all things communication but ...more

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Order, Order! Ben Wright’s book launch

On 1st November, the ellwood atfield gallery hosted  the launch of  Ben Wright's book "Order, Order! The rise and fall of political drinking". ...more

Consumer tech start-ups vs. Established consumer tech brands

Consumer tech start-ups vs. Established consumer tech brands. What can their communications leaders learn from either side? As part of our ...more

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Employee happiness and success

The Employee Engagement Alliance hosted another interactive, very informative session - The Employee Happiness Event The session was kicked off by ...more

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The Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg, “You’re all bast*rds.”

Ellwood Atfield Political Cartoon of the Year Awards 2015. Our guest of honour, the Rt. Hon Nick Clegg, fondly addressing the political cartoonists...more

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Association performance and employment law compliance

FEBRUARY 2017. Sophie presented to a packed room on two themes: Justifying dismissals and Flexibility needs for international not-for-profit ...more

Human-centred organisational cultures is the future

This was an interactive session talking about the importance of organisational developments and culture on employee engagement....more

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Authenticity: being the person, not the message

Ellwood Atfield partnered with Sasha Damjanovski to host a breakfast around Authenticity: being the person, not the message. Sasha explored the ...more

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Get the most out of Party Conferences

Emily Walch, Executive Director of External Affairs at the BBA and former government Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for Business, ...more

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How to make your employees a communications asset

A discussion about “How to make your employees a communications asset” with a range of communications professionals....more

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Although some people revel in showing their strengths, many are too modest about their achievements and often do themselves a disservice, especially ...more

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Preparing for an interview

Interviewing is perhaps the most important and daunting aspect of the job search. Ensure you are prepared and able to speak confidently to give ...more

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Public Affairs Leadership Series – Networking

A popular misconception about the public affairs industry is that it’s all about who you know, trading business cards and showing off in old boys’...more

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Who do Communications Directors turn to for moral and professional support?

As part of our series of seminars for senior communications professionals Ellwood Atfield hosted a breakfast on Thursday 30 June to explore who ...more

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