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Media Relations for Associations

Gareth Harding first dealt with how to engage  journalists so that they will take up your story line. He mentioned the need to address your audience ...more

Handling job search rejection

Getting a new job is no mean feat, handling the inevitable rejection is key to a successful search. From feedback to tailoring your cv, these are our ...more

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Trade law, dealing with unfair imports, making use of Trade agreements and more…

JULY 2016. Laurent Ruessmann, Partner at Fieldfisher presented an academy session on the importance of EU trade law for trade associations and NGOs. ...more

EU competition law compliance: how to stay out of trouble and more…

MAY 2016. Frédéric Louis, Partner at Wilmer Hale, presented on the essential need for compliance with EU competition law for associations.  ...more

Strategic thinking and planning for Trade Associations: key drivers for value creation

MAY 2015. Maria Teresa Scardigli, Vice President of Kellen presented at the Press Club. She underlined that strategic planning might occur at any ...more

Associations and the new EU: opportunities and pitfalls

All seats were taken as Richard Steel presented at the inaugural session of the Association Leadership Academy on “Associations and the new EU: ...more

Financial management, EU funding, tax and accounting matters for EU associations

Second Academy session presented and hosted by KPMG EU office. KPMG hosted a lively discussion on financial management for associations. Follow ...more

Royalty, Politics and War: the art of the Photojournalist

Award-winning photographer and co-owner of i-Images Picture Agency, Andrew Parsons has spent his career capturing the political campaigns that have ...more

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Five years of communications

We were delighted to mark the five year anniversary of Communicate magazine. Communicate magazine was launched after the communications industry ...more

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After Leveson: two views of the Press

The Leveson Inquiry raises profound questions about how business, public and even private communications should be conducted. This exhibition is our ...more

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