At Ellwood Atfield we know and place CEO’s, Senior Advisors and Corporate Affairs Directors across the communications sphere every day. Through our experience and connections, we understand that sometimes leadership – or even the path to leadership – can be a lonely place. Everyone needs a little help sometimes with personal development challenges, from increasing leadership effectiveness and stepping up to a new and bigger role, to managing personal and career development.


A coaching programme gives a confidential, non-judgmental space in which to explore pressures and responsibilities, and then create strategies and action plans to increase effectiveness. Programmes typically take place over an agreed period of months – goals are agreed at the start and reviewed and assessed throughout the programme. Coaching can show you how to build appreciation for the value of your work – and win support from your colleagues to achieve aims and goals.



In addition to our expert coaches, the EA Coaching Network includes a number of professional mentors. Mentoring uses many of the same principles as coaching to support learning and development by offering insights gained from practical experience in a similar role. Consequently, the main difference is the provision of practical hands-on advice based on the mentor’s functional expertise, as they will have functional experience directly relevant to the mentee.

What to expect

We’ll have an initial telephone conversation to assess your requirements, allowing us to suggest the most appropriate coaches or mentors for you.

It is helpful to meet a number of prospective coaches to find the right ‘fit’ before agreeing a programme based on key objectives.

Our coaches are available for ongoing, or ad-hoc sessions.

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Our Coaches

The Ellwood Atfield Coaching Panel has been carefully selected and represents the most well-respected individuals working in the industry. Each of them has experience in running communications departments and is professionally qualified to deliver exceptional programmes.

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