EA Team (the young ones) compete in netball fundraiser

On a cold and windy evening, 14 EA’ers took part in a gruelling battle on the local netball court in Pimlico. The other half of Team EA, aka the “anti netball” senior guard of headhunters, could not make it this time…

With the first of many EA matches to come, the stakes were high to prove who had the best skills and team ability, and who could handle the pressure when taking the important shots. Four quarters of seven and a half minutes each flew by, and we all realised why recruitment was our calling – our competitiveness!


Match Report: David’s Team 9 – 7 Emma’s Team

Everyone wanting to win, tensions were high as we rattled around the court, trying to remember the rules of netball. Some though forgot the important rule of a one metre distance when marking your player (cough, cough Jeremy) and Emily did amazingly well scoring the most goals out of anyone playing! James however, had a more NBA approach to shooting which Michael Jordan would be envious of I’m sure.

Renee showed she was an important centre court player, whilst George sped around the court like lightening and intercepted balls left, right and centre, and proved he was the glue to David’s team. Paddy despite having an injured leg, which he has been constantly reminding us of, did remarkably well and stood out as one of the best players of the evening.

Emma and David as captains, battled it out as opposing centres and proved their excellent leadership skills keeping team morale.

Everyone was clad in face paint some patriotic to EA wearing brand colours, others were more warrior like, going for the Hakka style of intimidation and some respectively, went slightly off cue and were painted as the Batman’s Joker and a cat. It was safe to say we all wanted to win and were taking this very seriously.

After 35 minutes the goals were counted and David’s team narrowly won by two goals, leaving Emma’s team bitterly disappointed.

The man of the match on a unanimous vote was David for his impressive skills and determination to win.


Charity fundraiser

As much fun as netball is, our main reason for playing was to raise money for a small charity called Get Kids Going who I ran the London Marathon for. A huge thanks to my team mates at EA who participated and donated. Bring on the next match where David will have to defend his title…


In action


From left to right, top to bottom: Carol, Kate, Josh, Felicity, Jeremy, Emma, Renee, David, Maddie and Brian. James, Patrick, George, Emily and Alexandra. Photos by Becca.

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